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Selected Projects


Arts Sector Funding

Prior to the 2018 South Australian election, we worked with an arts industry client to assist them in refining their election strategy and policy commitment ask, and developed key messages to support that ask. We delivered persuasive communications tools for them to use, along with a plan of action on how to strategically approach government. As a result, their target of one million dollars in additional grant funding was secured from all major parties.

AICSA was very pleased to work with JACK JENSEN on our election and Treasury bid. They helped us clarify our message and strategy. After many years of hard work, it was fantastic in the lead up to the 2018 election to see us get the commitment of $1 million from both major parties for South Australian artists and organisations.

JACK JENSEN rapidly assessed our exciting project concept, and the potential for stakeholder support. Jen and Lucy delivered great value, strategically turning an idea into something pitchable. I was impressed with the quality of their work. It was also clear from the tight turnaround they have great networks they can utilise.
— Jo Podoliak, Chief Executive, RDA Murraylands & Riverland

Educational Tourism Project

JACK JENSEN tested the concept of an educational tourism and economic development project that would encourage more high school students to understand and appreciate the Murray River. We conducted desktop research and met with stakeholders to flesh out the concept, then identified a range of benefits that aligned with curriculum, client and government priorities, identified who would be best placed to deliver the project, and mapped out the form it should take.

Contaminated Groundwater Policy

JACK JENSEN developed a comprehensively-researched discussion paper to guide a state government client in introducing policies to protect public health by managing exposure to contaminated groundwater. We mapped out the institutional controls available across government, analysed their effectiveness, and recommended a pathway to achieve the desired outcome. This paper is now being used to inform the government's policy response.