JACK JENSEN — Policy, Government Relations, Communications — Adelaide
Creating adaptive, user-centred and integrated policy solutions
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JACK JENSEN — Policy & Projects, Government Relations, Communications

JACK JENSEN delivers evidence-based policy and decision making. We help our clients navigate complex policy challenges, and provide efficient, confident and confidential support and advice.



JACK JENSEN delivers evidence-based policy and decision making. We provide comprehensive assistance in navigating complex policy challenges, and provide efficient, confident and confidential advice, support and recommendations.

To achieve successful outcomes for our clients, we analyse existing frameworks, benchmark against other jurisdictions, consult stakeholders to define the problem and workshop alternatives, and propose workable and effective policy solutions. To achieve results, JACK JENSEN collaborates with industry associations, scientists and researchers, regulators, the community, and policymakers.

Project Scoping & Analysis

Our clients have great ideas, but don't always have time to explore them. JACK JENSEN can take your idea, scope its boundaries, test its assumptions, identify its constraints, and analyse the risks and benefits. Through this assessment, we can determine whether the idea has merit and is worth pursuing. For viable projects, we develop a plan that includes sketching out the project, recommending the key stakeholders, timing, and potential resourcing options to make it happen.


There are ripe opportunities to work creatively in the interplay between public and private sectors. With our experience, networks, and ability to navigate government – so often the missing link for our clients – we can help you explore these. JACK JENSEN builds robust and nuanced relationships that can be leveraged to create real change. We’ll work with you to find the place where your aspirations and government priorities meet – so that you can achieve a successful outcome. Our assistance may include securing funding, regulatory approvals and compliance, or advocacy.


JACK JENSEN helps government and corporate clients to speak to each other and their customers. We act as translators, stripping away jargon and getting straight to the clearly articulated point. We are known for our strategic and compelling communication, which is integral to all of our projects. With proven public service and political success, we can help you to brief government – from officer-level to executives, Ministers and the Premier. We help clients nail their funding applications and acquit, report on and celebrate project outcomes. Importantly, we help users understand, engage with and respond to change.


JACK JENSEN has a network of trusted collaborators and service providers – including community engagement, facilitation, graphic design and marketing experts – who we can selectively engage in projects to meet your needs.